Who is Hartmut…?

«For over 20 years, I have worked in communications – as an entrepreneur, and for corporates. Coaching has always been my passion and the way to inspire others to get the very best out of themselves. Cycling has become my way to get into balance, be creative, and gain focus. I know from experience that cycling is the best way to get into the flow and become one with your environment.

To show you how to do that, that's my motivation.»

Get into the flow!

I started cycling in September 2010 – and doing so is by far the best decision I've ever made.

Yet, during the first couple of years, I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels, following all of the conventional advice: «go out on a weekly group ride so you exercise regularly.»

The problem?

The weekly cadence was too slow to proceed with all the plans that I had in my head. And since most riders around me followed an unstructured plan, I had to find out myself what I could improve or how I could spend my time on the bike best.

So I had to try something radically different. The path I chose was to absorb the best knowledge on the subject, away from the mainstream, and to start practising it myself:

  • In 2013, I joined DIMB (Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike) to become a certified Mountainbike Trailscout. This gave me the opportunity to connect with nature and inspire others to be there.
  • In the following, I got fascinated by the efficiency and effectiveness of training with a power meter. It has also helped me to get into the flow state purposefully. That’s why I completed the Hunter Allen Power Certification in 2015 which gave me fantastic insights in the science behind cycling.
  • Finally, I joined the Association of British Cycling Coaches to become a certified ABCC Coach in 2019, currently holding the Communications and Media role of the association. This has provided me with a specific background in coaching, that I have been able to pass on to riders that I have been coaching since then.

Above all, I most enjoyed all the team adventures that I have been able to join and even organize during the last 10+ years. Completing the Tour Transalp in 2012, participating in the Ritchey Challenge MTB marathon series from 2013 to 2017, finishing the Nationalpark Bike Marathon in Switzerland in 2016, and riding 380+ kilometres from Munich to Lake Garda (Italy) in one go in the same year have been among my highlight as a rider:) Being a member of the RSLC Holzkirchen and RSC Kempten mountain bike teams, and setting up five Collaboration Tour events with 300+ former Siemens colleagues, for sure, were highlights on the team side.

What has all this taught me? Forget about perfectionism. Instead, focus on flow. Cycling is the perfect activity that brings you into this state, helping you in all other areas of life, too! Find your inner motivation and purpose, develop ways to realize it, stay healthy in the long run, and communicate in an optimistic and inspiring way – all this comes along with cycling every day.

Now, living in Liechtenstein, I am located in the middle of the beautiful Alps, with both mountain bike and road bike climbs right in front of my door. Enjoying them has become my daily habit.

Let me know when you are passing by and I will be pleased to offer you a cup of coffee and, of course, a ride across one of the local mountains!