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Get into the flow!

We want that balance where an activity is testing us. Where success unfolds from focus and passion. For those who strive for cycling as the movement that gets you in the sweet spot of flow…

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Join Ride 66, our cohort-based course, or our personal plan that helps you achieve things you never thought possible before.

Unlike other coaching programmes, you won't just be prescribed a training plan – you'll grow as an avid rider, create training sessions that fit 100% into your schedule, build lifelong global friendships and leave with a new perspective on what's possible through being creative and powerful together.

You want to advance personally?

Learn to listen to your inner motivation and live it every day. Be ready to transform your life through cycling.

You want to switch from stress to flow?

While most cyclists overexert themselves in training, we learn to spend time in the sweet spot of skill and focus.

You want to explore training holistically?

We use the power of connectedness to stay vivid and resilient – and apply energetics to understand ourselves more fully.

Hey, I’m Hartmut

In 2010, I discovered the power of cycling next to a demanding job. With a PhD in my pocket, my coaching is always based on latest science and open-minded, optimistic thinking. My passion is to inspire people to get into the flow and bring out the best in themselves on the bike – like I experienced myself.

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Discord Group

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Warm-up for flow cycling


Ride 66 🥈


CHF 66

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Cycling Cafe

Weekly live sessions

10 Training modules

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Daily energetics-powered meditation

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Ride 66

Individual onboarding and goal analysis

45min monthly personal coaching session

Unlimited coach contact via e-mail and WhatsApp

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Why Integral Cycling

The passion for flow unites us.



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«Our energetics tool configured for Integral Cycling is perfectly suited to accompany cyclists. Using your biorhythm, we determine your daily form and support your training progress, your motivation as well as your overall energy level with a frequency therapy - wrapped in a short meditation.»


Creating momentum

Take a bird's perspective to see what happens when more and more people jump on a bike: It's about health, freedom and connection to nature. It helps us to bring out the best in everyone and stay in balance as a society.

Lean training

Effortless power

Daily cycling offers a golden opportunity to develop skills for long-term growth and improvement at any age. The 'Western' training cycle focus on stress, recovery and adaptation can, in the long-term, lead to burn-out. A Kaizen way of training balances stress with adequate recovery and adaptation in endless loops to allow life-long learning and adaptation.


Own your training

Humans thrive in collectives. We need personal exchange that encourages us to realize our individual goals. Why not join a group of like-minded people who are in the same situation as you? In our training cohort (yes, it works online) you can apply the power of peer coaching in sports.

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